New York, New York

After a much successful week in the small town of Lima, Ohio, the entire carnival was now on the train, making their way to the craddle of dreams for all ring masters those days: the city of New York. Together with San Francisco, it was the place to be, the bigger place, the bigger crowds. Everything existed in a grand scale there. And the performers were all excited to get their chance to show their abilities to the most demanding crowd around. And Jon and Al were no exception to all that excitement. Together with doing their asigned duties, which took place even when they were traveling and which almost always came down to the cleaning department, they made hundreds of plans of all the things that were going to be doing at their arrival to the so called Big Apple.

On the last night of traveling before their arrival to New York, and the camping spot called Coney Island, Al and Jon rested inside their shared trailer (which they had made their boss to give them, after convincing him of their ‘brothely friendship’) together in bed, panting after yet another, the fifth time that night, hot and passionate love making session, muffled down by the sound of the whistling train; Al’s fingers caressed Jon’s small back while the boy laid atop him, his head resting on the crook of the bigger man’s neck. After regaining some of their breathing through the most deep and wet kisses, Al nuzzled the boy’s nose and smiled. “You’re so adorable, baby… So, is our list done? The Statue of Liberty, the Empire State… uhm… Central Park… Damn, I’m sure I’m forgetting something…” He frowned.

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    Al could also feel his eyes closing up, the exhaustion of the day already taking over his body. He held Jon close to...
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    Jon felt so much love right now coming from his big muscled adonis of a boyfriend who always made him feel loved,...